Crazy similarities between the nominees

I want to start by explaining that this is going to be a bit of a journey through a maze of Oscar nominated films that were connected by their plot and the elements used to compose them. Advertisements

Competition between categories – Great actors

I liked George Valentin better when his role was played by Gene Kelly. The comparisons between Singing In The Rain and The Artist are many, of which I will spare you that for another article. Right now we have to examine the best actor categories.

Leading ladies – Best actress

With the winning picture for best actress in a leading Role coming out to DVD next month, it’s about time we said something about The Iron Lady with the golden statue who is the most nominated actress of our time, Meryl Streep…or do we need to talk about Kevin?

The role of a supporting actress

One thing you have to realise about the Oscars is that every year sets a precedent or breaks the norms to make a point. It’s why in the industry, they talk about the ‘politics’ of award ceremonies. This year is no better and we start on I blog the movies, with the 84th Academy Awards for best actress in a … Continue reading

Sinews of our hearts – Best original score

When we experience a movie, do we watch it or do we listen to it? Beyond the cinematography, sometimes to tell a story you need to feel the emotions of the characters as they live through extreme situations that unfold with the plot. What way to better tug at our heart-strings than with a film … Continue reading

Oscars finally getting 3D right

I have to start with a preface: I hate 3D and the drive of Hollywood to push it as a new medium. It’s not new. 3D films have existed in various forms since as early as 1915 in which they were expensive to make and show.